PSA: I have no idea what I am doing, and you don’t either

Everyone knows kids don’t come with an instruction manual. Well, the more kids you have, the more you need a manual, and the less you have figured out. Here I am, 6 months into my journey as a mom of three, and I have pretty much only learned one thing: I have no idea what I am doing.

When we had our oldest, Will, in January 2014, we knew that he would be our guinea pig. We brought him home, my husband and I having just enough experience with babies to know to feed or change him when he cried but not much else. I am pretty certain Will was actually Jordan’s first diaper change. Well, come to find out, Will was our trick baby. He tricked us into thinking we knew something! So we decided that if one was fun, then two would be amazing! God had other ideas, because in April 2015, when Will was just 15 months old, we welcomed our TWIN boys, Sam and Alex. Now before you judge us too harshly, our plan was to have our kids about a year and a half apart. Sam and Alex were due in June of 2015, but were just over 5 weeks early, and that shortens that age gap a bit. After 12 days (Alex) and 14 days (Sam) in the NICU we officially became a family of 5. Week 1 of them being home, Jordan took off work. Week 2, my mom came over and hung out. And then it was just me. Don’t misunderstand, my mom would have happily stayed had I needed her to, but we recognized that this was our family, and that we needed to find our new normal.

The beginning of any new chapter is always daunting, this was no exception. Having a crazy toddler, who RUNS everywhere, and two newborns in one house was, at best, organized chaos, and at worst, insanity. I’d be lying if I said that there weren’t times I didn’t use one of those baby gate play yards to keep Sam and Alex safely sleeping in their bassinets and away from their brother’s love. Three boys, three incredibly different personalities, and three different approaches to every problem. Everything I thought we had ‘learned’ with Will is constantly challenged with Sam and Alex. Will and Alex are great sleepers, Sam…well he is a very cute and cuddly insomniac. Sam and Will could have ridden roller coasters after eating a bottle or nursing and never once urped. Alex, he has reflux and urps all the time. No matter what. We bought stock in bibs.

The fact of the matter is that I have to provide something different for each of them. Their needs are different. Their demands are different. They are all my guinea pigs, and that will probably never change.


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