#YesIAmAChristian, and it’s time I acted like it.


Never did I think I would write a blog about this topic. Ever. That being said, I am not sure how the topic can stay off limits. As usual, my disclaimer, I do not have all the answers, so take what I am about to write with a gain of salt.

November 12, Beirut lost over 40 people to suicide bombers. ISIS claimed responsibility.
November 13, Paris lost roughly 130 people, plus hundreds more injured. Again, thanks to ISIS.
And now, our country is facing a decision to help, or not help thousands of Syrian refugees who are trying to escape the very group who is deliberating killing people, daily.  Initially my feelings were like that of many others: ‘No. Don’t let them come. The Boston Bombers were refugees, at least one of the terrorists from the Paris attacks entered the EU as a refugee, I have 3 YOUNG boys, and I am scared. Protect your citizens.’ A friend of mine on Facebook challenged that for me though. She said (and I’m paraphrasing) that she is so fed up with “Christians”, and how we are essentially spewing hate, while preaching God’s love. Um, wow. She’s not wrong.  I really strive to live in a way that when people find out that I am a Christ Follower, they aren’t surprised. And, my Bible does say, many times, that we are to help the poor, feed the hungry, love our neighbors as ourselves. James 2:8-13 It also says that this world, is temporary. James 4:13-17 Our job here is to show God’s love, preach the gospel of Truth, and trust God.

I know what is happening is terrifying. I know that the idea of having what happened in Paris, happen here, is more than you can bear to fathom. It is for me too. I also know that God is in control. Completely. Have we forgotten, that it is God who allows the political rulers that we have, to be in power? Romans 13:1-5 Whatever you might believe about our current President, or past presidents, or the presidential candidates.God has a plan. Whatever happens, whether it be a huge influx of refugees, or the next World War. God has a plan. And it won’t fail.  So, have faith friends. Stay strong. Show love and compassion when it isn’t easy. Be light and salt in the world. And don’t be the kind of “christian” who turns the world away from our God, when we start to do that, we’ve failed in our mission.

I will end with this. Pray. Not just for Paris, not just when you’re scared, not just when a kind of evil we witnessed last week happened. Pray always.  James 5:13-16  Philippians 4:4-7


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