An Open Letter, To my fellow mommies in the trenches.

Today is December 21. I have 3 days left of this week, yes, of course I realize it’s only Monday, but it’s the week of Christmas! And this Mama Elf has a lot of magic to make happen, and not a lot of time to work without distraction in the North Pole.

My little guys have recently started to nail down this sleeping all night business, well, to be fair, Alex has had it on lock for a while, it’s Sam who was a little slow on this uptake this time. But last night, Alex got cold, right around midnight when I was finally able to shut my brain down, and was falling asleep. Sam was hungry at 4 am. Everyone hit the ground running at 7:30 and while I thought that the boys could play happily together while I finished up last night’s dishes, they had other ideas. So instead of my to-do list, we had a dance party. Followed by cuddles, cocoa making, book after book after book, a Christmas movie, Will’s favorite game: Pile every blanket in the house on top of brothers until Mom tells me to stop, and trips to the potty every 15 mins to hopefully keep the almost 2 yr old from having an accident.

Nap time came, so my plan was back. Shower! Then kitchen and reward myself with a Hallmark movie and some time to decompress with my new coloring book. Nope. Sammy is up. Oh, so is Will. Wait did Will even go to sleep? Gah. Feed Sam, play with him, pray Will will eventually fall asleep. Oh, good Sam is ready to sleep again, lay him down. Oh, hi Alex. Fancy meeting you here. Andddd Will is still awake. Throw a bottle in the microwave for Alex, check on Will. He cries because he’s been in his room over an hour and is CLEARLY not tired, nevermind what the whiny voice and red eyes are telling me. Sorry buddy, you’re napping. I love you, see you in a bit. Now Alex is crying again. Bottle, booty, and more play time. I did get a shower in, somewhere, even remembered to eat, but that is the extent of my progress of my to-do list.

My point of this soliloquy isn’t to make you feel sorry for me. Actually I don’t feel sorry for me, although I wish I had gotten to my coffee when it was warm. My point is to remind every other #MomTired mama out there, who has a nagging list of things to do, weighing on her mind, that there is a different kind of success  you can have. I experienced some of it today. When Will begged for one more dance, and Sam begged for one more cuddle, and Alex begged for one more book, they showed me just what is really important. My kitchen is still a  mess, I have no plan for dinner, and my kids are barely even dressed, but at least we had a happy, silly day, and I got to spend some one on one time with each little dude, which is very rare with 3 under 2. I am not here to say “Enjoy every moment!” because, let me tell you, I don’t enjoy getting up umpteen times a night because someone dropped their binky, or repeating, for the millionth time “Where do we go potty?????” because someone was too distracted to go to the bathroom, looking at you Will, but I am here to say that when you are forced to put aside what you think is so pressing and important, maybe, like me, you should reevaluate what is really pressing and important. Like dance parties, and books about green ham.

Now. On to cleaning the kitchen and making some cinnamon rolls!

Oh, wait. Sam is up again. 😉