What a difference a week makes

A week ago I set out to challenge myself to only communicate in ways that fell into the standards set in Ephesians 4:29, basically to be mindful of if what I said was: helpful, beneficial and necessary. Here’s how things went.

I started strong! I was hyper aware of how what I said, or wrote, fit into the parameters. The first day I did okay…I mean ish. How we communicate is a very hard habit to break. I actually had to delete a comment on a friend’s thread because while it helped to move the conservation along and was on topic, it wasn’t nice. And because the comment wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t beneficial. I have also noticed as the week has progressed that in a moment of frustration, I can be short, anyone who knows me right now is giving a resounding “DUH”, but I also noticed that being aware of what my communication goals are, helps me to catch when I am falling short, and I can apologize in the moment. We are big on apologizing around here.

I am blessed enough to have a hubby who agreed to try and do this too, and there were a few times we caught one another. Having someone who is there to keep me accountable is huge for me, whether it be the kids or Jordan, having that person to answer to helps me keep my goals in the forefront of my mind. Also, I learned that while Jordan and I have vastly different communication styles, we were able to correct each other in a way that the other one responded to. Finally! 9 years into this relationship and almost 5 years of marriage and we’re finallllllly getting it! Communication is hard!

My take away for this week is: the “and” matters. I would not have a problem succeeding in this endeavor if I could just tick one or two of the boxes, but that “and” means I have to get all three. That my friends is a real challenge. See you all next week! Is anyone else trying this challenge? How is it going?


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