“I could tell”

Dear Fellow Mama of Littles,

I doubt you remember our encounter this morning, but it’s been on a running loop in my mind since it happened. You couldn’t know the kind of week I’ve had, or even the kind of morning I’ve had. You couldn’t have known that in that moment God used you to speak to another worn down and tired mom of littles. You couldn’t have known what a blessing you were to me.

Here’s the truth of the matter. We have been sick, for weeks. The kind of sick where you’re down and out for 4 or 5 days with a fever. Now we are battling a round of eye infections with the twins, and praying no one else catches anything else!  We have made major changes to our 2 yr old’s tiny life. He got a big boy bed, lost his binky and has really grasped this potty training business in the last week. He has taken it in stride, but he is still 2 so meltdowns happen, often. I am struggling because with all the sickness, I have 3 stir crazy boys, and I am their Master of Ceremonies, trying to entertain the two who aren’t sick while I snuggle and comfort the one who is, all while attempting to not pass this around, or catch it myself! This morning though, everyone was finally well enough to venture out for a trip to Target, and a lunch date with Daddy. And that is where you found me.

There was no judgement as you heard me tell my 2 yr old he couldn’t have my coffee, you didn’t give me any funny looks when you saw me standing there with three heads, and obviously needing more concealer. Instead you told me about your littles, shared your story, and finally, told me you recognized me as a sister in Christ. That was what I needed. My morning up until that point was addled with tantrums, more spit up than I want to think about, a major poop blowout, and a very upset Sammy boy. I was just pleased to be out of the house with clothes on and that no one was losing their mind at that particular moment. And now I have to say ‘thank you’.  Thank you for commiserating with someone you didn’t know. Thank you for sharing your story with me, and thank you for one of the best compliments I’ve ever received.

Your sister in motherhood, and Christ,

Katekate twingo


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