It is Finished!


I did it! While I failed to update weekly, I did complete the challenge. So, take the wins you get right!

I am so glad to have challenged myself to changing how I speak. I won’t even try to say that I succeeded fully and that now I have completely mastered my tongue (James 3:6 has thoughts on how do-able that is), but I will say that I have started to change some bad habits that I had.

“Is it necessary?” This was the question that taught me the most, and where I realized I  needed the most growth. It changed my understanding of this undertaking. At first I thought this challenge was a way to be to truly become the Disney Princess I have always wanted to be! Sweet, soft spoken and kind to everyone and then the forest animals would come clean my house. Is anyone surprised that I was wrong? You shouldn’t be. In all seriousness though, I thought the goal was to become kinder and to “build one another up” like Ephesians 4:29 states (that’s the verse that inspired this challenge). It didn’t dawn on me until I put it into practice, that building another person up, or using language that benefits them could sometimes mean saying the hard things. Actually part of the challenge is saying the hard things in a way that helps that person, and not saying things they “needed to hear”.

All in all this has been amazing for my self growth. I still have the verse up on my whiteboard in the kitchen, I still read it and remind myself to strive for that. Did anyone else give this a shot? How did you do? Was it harder, or easier than you thought it would be?



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