Pill Bug

Dear Adorable first born,
I love you. Please don’t forget that as we battle through your 3rd year of life. See, here is the problem, my little love monster, you are so much like me, and like your daddy. We are pretty awesome people, but we didn’t start out that way, so these qualities you have inherited from us, will one day make you a wonderful leader, father, husband and man, but until then, well, you’re not always fun to be with.

You have every bit of daddy’s stubborn, and all of my independence. I am SO THANKFUL for your independence, it warms my heart to see how capable and daring you are. You are a wonderful helper! You are so resourceful. That being said, you aren’t allowed to light matches, wash the dog, carry your brothers, or cook your own pancakes. I know, life is rough. I mean if you had the wherewithal to chat with your toddler buddies, you would realize that we give you a lot of freedom. I mean most two year olds don’t make their own snacks, get themselves water from the faucet, or get to negotiate as much as you do. As for that stubborn streak you have…one day you will be stubborn for the right reasons. You will be stubborn in your love for your wife, your God and you will fight tirelessly for your kids. You will stand for what is right and not be afraid to dig your heels in when it’s necessary. Right now? It means that you aren’t distract-able, and you can be relentless with something you really want, or really want to do.

On top of these two traits, you also have a wicked temper. Now, understand, I will never use that temper as an excuse for you to hurt someone or lash out because you’re angry, but it is a fact. You have a bad temper. You surprise people with it, because you are such a kind and sweet kid, that it catches people off guard when you tantrum and scream and kick for 30 mins. Babe, I have the same temper, when I see you get so emotional, and be so unsure of how to express that excess emotion, that you bite, or shake, and you’re not even mad, I get it. I remember doing that. This too shall pass. You will one day master it, and until that day, I may not always be your favorite person.

Bug, your dad and I are here to teach you how to be a good human. That is our goal. Sometimes it isn’t fun for any of us. I really don’t enjoy taking 20 mins to make you do a 2 min time out, that you did without any fuss just the day before. I know that you are a bright kid who likes to do things himself, and you just don’t get why Mommy insists on helping when you *obviously!* don’t need it. Babe, one day, you are going to be an amazing person, and actually for a tiny terrorist 2 year old, you are pretty great, and we will make it through this year. Let’s just promise to give each other grace and to say sorry when we are sucky humans. Deal? Awesome. Let’s go have ice cream.mama and will