Who knows if this will ever be published, it might be too much, too soon.

The last year has been a whirlwind. We’ve moved, J started a new job, and our family grew by 2. It has been kind of crazy to say the least. The change isn’t ending though, and this time we have even less control.

When we decided to move, the driving force was to be near family. But, and there is always a but, my family isn’t happy here. I don’t mean my husband and the kids, we all love it. Love our house, our jobs, our church, our friends. I mean my sister, and her crew. Which leaves them in a very difficult situation. It’s the age old struggle of the perpetual people please-r. How do you make everyone happy? Well, you don’t. Which is why, when my sister confided that this new town wasn’t working out, and they were seriously considering moving back, I told her to go. Not because I won’t miss her, or we need our family less. Not because I have any plans of moving my family again. Because I love my sister, and ultimately they need to do what God is calling them to do, and what is right for them.

Which brings me to today. I got a text last night that they’ve come to a deal on their house, and they close the end of May. Now, I have to actually practice what I’ve preached. I have to actually support them in their move, not just say that I do, while silently hoping that no one is interested. The good news is they will only be an hour away. Technology makes the world a much smaller place. It won’t be too long before my oldest niece is driving. This will still work, my kids will still know their cousins and aunt and uncle as part of their regular family, and not just people they see from time to time. But this has a lot of implications for my family too, but as an adult, accepting what I can’t change is just part of the deal. So here is to doing what makes sense for your family. Here is to trusting God even when the situation seems odd, or even silly. Here is to being the grown up that I have no desire to be. I love you Sis. I am proud of you, and I really do support you in this. IMG_1660


I’m Finally Dating Again

I have been married almost 5 years. We have 3 beautiful boys. We have a great house, with a never ending list of things to do. What we don’t have is time, or a sitter, which usually means, we don’t have dates. This hasn’t been a problem this far into our marriage. Our kids are in bed by 7, 7:30 at the latest, giving us plenty of time to spend together, even after we’ve done the nightly list of chores like cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming the living room.

Lately though, I have been itching to spend more time with this man, dating, like we used to. We’ve been together almost 9 years, and know each other pretty well. We love to camp, we love to hang out with family, we love to play cards and have friends over, but now we need to find what else we love. I am setting out to start dating my husband again. I want to break from our mold, and try new things. So far my list is very lame has three things, which I figure is a good start! An at home beer tasting, a night of Rom-Com bingo (you can download bingo cards here), and a DIY project (I am thinking of making some pallet shelves for my kitchen like these.)

First up, which will be Friday, is our Beer and Chocolate Tasting! J was, well to be honest, not excited when I said I was pairing beer with chocolate. He said they don’t go, Pinterest says they do, and the internet is never wrong. So we ended up deciding to try 6 different kinds: a pilsner, a blonde ale, an amber ale, a wheat beer, an IPA, and a stout. I asked J to go pick up a mix and match 6 pack at the local store here, and let him decide what actual beers to purchase. Then I got to do the fun part: figure out what chocolate pairs best with each brew! Now, some of these (IPA) aren’t usually paired with anything sweet or desserts, so that took some creativity on my part, hopefully I didn’t totally miss the mark! Ultimately I opted for: dark chocolate fudge brownies (for the stout), orange chocolate (for the wheat beer), dark chocolate with cherries, cayenne and cinnamon (for the IPA, hope it isn’t awful), a white chocolate (for the amber, and pilsner) and a milk chocolate (for the IPA, amber and blonde). I also printed out a “score card” so that we can keep track of what we liked and didn’t like together.  Now, I am by no means a beer aficionado, and this date night was based on Pinterest and Google, so I am sure it’s flawed. Overall though, it was pretty inexpensive, I bought good quality chocolate and then the six pack, and it was still about $25-30, which is less than we would spend at dinner (or on a sitter, let’s be honest) and it didn’t take too much work on my part. It was actually pretty fun to take the kids to the store and pick the chocolate bars I never buy!

I am excited to try something new, and enjoy some of our favorite things, and planning it has made it more interesting for both of us. I will have to let you know how it goes. 20140112primarybeerchocolate