An adventure in potty training

Bug, my oldest, silliest little man is potty trained. We are still waiting to cross the bridge for him to be potty trained at night, but he sleeps 12 hours and wears one pull up, so I will take it. During the day? He is solid! He is also 27 months, so I count it as a win. This post isn’t about the techniques I used though, or the wonders of cleaning pee off the floor, or the high you get from your kid taking himself to the bathroom and having one less diaper to change! (Can I get a Hallelujah!) This post is about the ridiculous and hilarious things that have happened while he was learning to use the potty like a big boy!

One of my favorite stories is based in his deep and unfailing love of being naked. This kid pulls out every excuse he can think of to get me to take his clothes off. At a play date last week he stripped down to just a t-shirt in my friend’s backyard because his shorts were “wet”. He had been playing at the water table, and spilled water. I insisted he wear his underwear until I got his extra clothes from the car, so he “spilled” water on his undies too. Yeah. I am *sure* that was an accident. Which, brings me to S and A’s birthday party.

My in-laws had moved just before their birthday, and their birthday falls in a week full of happiness in my husband’s family. My in-laws anniversary is April 20, their birthday is April 26, my baby brother-in-law’s birthday is April 28 and my sister-in-law’s birthday is April 30. So, it was decided there would be one big happy April party, which would also function as a house warming party for them. It was a great idea, that got me out of throwing a birthday party! Well, it was the week leading up to this that Bug had really gotten the idea of pooping on the potty, and was so proud of himself. We took his potty chair, and he was being a tiny rockstar at taking himself potty, and getting himself back to the party without even missing a beat. AND he was remembering to flush when he was done. I was so proud! That is, until he runs out of the bathroom wearing nothing but his t-shirt, that didn’t cover anything, and yelling “I pooped! I nakey baby!” I scooped him up and ran his tiny, naked booty back into the bathroom and successfully negotiated with the terrorist  toddler to put his pants back on. He kept insisting it was “pants off, dance off!”, while I was firmly in the camp of “Pants ON, dance ON”, because, well there are people here, and they want you to wear pants. This would be the appropriate time to insert a head shaking emoji, if only one existed.

Thankfully, those who saw this happen thought it was funny, probably much more so than he will when I tell his future girlfriends. You’re welcome Bug. Welcome to the technology age! And rem